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Joseph Easttom

I am a blacksmith and bladesmith specializing in historically accurate and functional arms and armor using tools and techniques as period authentic as I can economically justify. Part of my passion for this work is studying how the smiths and armorers of the past created magnificent and functional (what can only be described as) art. It is critical to me that my craft faithfully represents the labors of these past masters by whom I am so inspired. I also feel that in order to better understand the artifacts of our history, it is important to work as our forbearers did and thus I avoid, to the best of my ability, any tool or technique that lacks a historical analog (my press and grinder are stand-ins for apprentices).

I purchased my first forge at the age of 16 driven by inspirations from various fantasy worlds, primarily Tolkien. Reading the Silmarillion, I was drawn to the craftsmen far more than the heroes. The forge I purchased then is one of several, but still my most used.

Working as a bench jeweler specializing in custom pieces for nearly the past decade has helped me develop various ways to decorate and personalize a piece to the person who will use it; from certain styles of engraving and acid etching to gold inlay and setting precious gems.

Rachael Easttom

My name is Rachael. I am a mother of three crazy boys and one beautiful baby girl. I love to read, game, and create with leather. I first became interested in leatherwork when I was a kid. My dad was a leather and wood worker and I loved seeing his projects. I started playing with leather myself after my husband asked me to make the leather sheaths for the knives he made. From then on that was all she wrote.

I really like making sheaths for all the different kinds of knives that he makes, but I truly love making different knick-knacks and other creations out of my leather. I like taking different ideas and patterns and figuring out ways to adapt them to a leather pattern. Not everything works out and I do have some interesting and hilarious failures, but that's part of being a crafter.

One of my biggest achievements is the leather chessboard and set I made for Joseph... It took me a while, but it was worth every second to see his face when I showed him the finished set.

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Let us craft an item that can only be yours. We only charge for work, not ideas.
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869 Sam Houston Jones Pkwy. Lake Charles, La 70611

Tel: 337-425-1011 / 337-515-5176

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